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Small Business Edge provides advice and insights to guide small business owners and startup businesses in uncertain times. Whether it is about cash flow, remote working, credit, bankruptcy, employees, getting a loan, or dealing with stress and time management issues, when entrepreneurs have questions, they get answers on

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Five Things To Know This Week:

1) Sleep Secrets from Truckers
2) Walmart Launches a New Small Business Initiative
3) Content Ideas for Your Company Newsletter and Blog
4) Can Your TV Really Be Hacked?
5) Business Owner Spotlight: Judi Henderson, Mannequin Madness

Happy Tuesday, February 7th!

I recently listened to my first Small Business Edge podcast episode from March 2018. Wow, was I green! Thankfully, I’ve learned a thing or two since then about podcasts and creating content that interests our listeners.

I posted two links below to podcasts I recorded in the last few months. The first podcast is with Judi Henderson. She is fun, engaging, and spiritual; I loved talking with her.

The second podcast is with my son Robert. It’s part 2 of a podcast we recorded three years ago about his incredible journey dealing with mental illness. We recorded the first podcast on World Mental Health Day in 2019. It is still my most downloaded podcast ever.

The response to Robert’s story was overwhelming. In letting himself be vulnerable, Robert connected with thousands of people worldwide who either struggle with mental illness or are close to someone going through a similar situation.

Somehow, we allowed the pandemic to sidetrack our efforts to successfully launch a podcast called “I Didn’t Ask for This,” which covers all things related to mental health issues. We plan to get the podcast back up and running again next month.

Podcasts are a great way to share ideas, advice, humor, inspiration, and moving stories. Thanks to the feedback I received from listeners, I am doubling down on my podcast efforts this year and adding two more podcasts to my repertoire—Bricks or Sticks with Jocelyn Ring and “The R&B Show” with Rieva Lesonsky. I will post more information in future newsletters, with links to the shows we produce.

In the meantime, enjoy your week—and make the most of it!

 Brian Moran, CEO
 Small Business Edge
Brian Moran & Associates


 Sleep Secrets from Truckers

Do you wake up tired, even after getting eight hours of sleep? Me too—when I manage to get those eight hours in. Maybe you’re getting too much sleep. Dean Croke, a former truck driver and current principal analyst at an on-demand freight marketplace, has taught sleep science classes for truckers and shift workers for years. He tells Fast Company that it’s the minutes you sleep, not the hours, that count.

Croke says we sleep in 90-minute cycles, and if the alarm wakes us in the middle of a deep sleep cycle, we have “sleep inertia.” He says five 90-minute cycles are ideal—that’s 7.5 hours of sleep. If, like many business owners, you can’t manage that, Croke suggests you sleep for three hours (two cycles) and then for 4.5 hours later in the day (three cycles).

Learn more about getting a truly good night’s sleep.

 Walmart Launches a New Small Business InitiativeWalmart just launched Walmart Business, a program that makes it easier for small businesses to shop there. Walmart Business is a website offering over 100,000 products.

Chain Store Age says Walmart “identified key product categories for [SMB] operations, including office supplies and furniture, food and beverage, restroom, electronics, classroom, and facility needs.” And the company makes it easier to restock goods.

Walmart told Chain Store Age it wants to “remove complexity in purchasing, lower costs, and give our customers more opportunities to serve their customers and communities.”

Read more about how your small business (or nonprofit) can save time and money by shopping at Walmart.

 Content Ideas for Your Company Newsletter and BlogDo you have a company newsletter? It’s often challenging to come up with new ideas. Constant Contact’s February newsletter is filled with ideas to inspire your content creation.

We all know we celebrate President’s Day and Valentine’s Day in February. But there are actually 19 days you can celebrate in February (and it’s a short month!). For instance, did you know last Sunday was National Chocolate Fondue Day?

The newsletter also offers more ideas you can use in your newsletter or as blogging fodder.

Get more content ideas for your small business.

 Can Your TV Really Be Hacked?

As silly as that sounds, yes, it can. According to MUO (Make Use Of), today’s smart TVs are just “computers connected to your network, and there’s a good chance it’s not a well-protected one.”

Hackers can use your TV to “distribute malware or launch denial of service (DDoS) attacks” or even spy on you.

Learn more about the 12 ways cybercriminals can hack your TV and how to protect yourself.

 Business Owner Spotlight: Judi Henderson, Mannequin MadnessI’ve written about Judi before in this newsletter and had her as a guest on my podcast. I will use almost any excuse to feature fun, smart, social business owners who are making a difference in the world, and Judi is definitely one of them. Judi is an accidental entrepreneur who owns the largest mannequin recycling/liquidation company -based in Oakland, CA. Here are just a few highlights from the podcast I did with Judi:

  • “When I grew up, entrepreneurship wasn’t on the table. There was no such thing as a girl boss. To me, living close to Silicon Valley, an entrepreneur was a young white male from Stanford with venture capital money in the tech field. I certainly didn’t see myself in that life.”
  • “I called my company ‘Mannequin Madness’ because, when I started the business, everyone thought I was a little crazy for doing it.”
  • “We have 55,000 followers on Pinterest. It’s a big DIY market where people turn mannequins into Christmas trees and mailboxes.”
  • “The biggest mistake I made was not seeing myself as an entrepreneur.”
  • “I’m 65 and not even close to retirement. I have new and bigger dreams today than I had 20 years ago. I’m much more comfortable when taking risks.”

Click HERE to visit Judi’s website

Click HERE to listen to my podcast with Judi

Click HERE to listen to the full podcast of I Still Didn’t Ask For This: Robert Moran’s Amazing Mental Health Journey.


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