Web Design for Small Businesses

Affordable website development.

Fast implementation.

Easy maintenance.

A website is the face of your business.  If you are spending (or planning to spend) on marketing, then STOP now if you aren’t proud of where your messaging leads your potential clients.

5 Steps to Launching a Well Designed Website:

  1. Secure your domain name
  2. Understand what you are trying to accomplish
  3. Find a template that works for your business
  4. Secure a hosting provider
  5. Implement WordPress template & launch

We know it’s not that easy for everyone – but it is for us.  We use WordPress to manage all website designs, which means that our customers ultimately control their content after we complete the project.  It is a critical factor that you own the content.

3 Commitments from Us

  1. Be fully transparent about our process and how we do our work.  Why?  Because it’s not magic.  It just takes time.
  2. Empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn and be self-sufficient.  We’ll even send you a quick “how-to” video.
  3. Not overcharge.  Packages start at $799.

Stop. Don’t send that tweet. Don’t post that video on YouTube. It’s time to face facts: It doesn’t make sense to do anything in social media if you don’t have a good Web site.

Your Web site is your welcome mat. It’s your most important selling tool. The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to drive traffic and potential customers to your Web site and then convert those leads into phone calls, meetings and sales.

Source: The New York Times | Small Business

The Problem Social Media Cannot Solve, By MELINDA F. EMERSON