Why I Love Being Green

By on October 24, 2013

In 1970, Kermit the Frog, one of the stars of the Muppets Show, sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green” on national TV. In the song, Kermit expressed woe over not being a livelier color such as red, gold or yellow. Eventually, he comes to realize all the positive benefits of being the same color as money:

But green’s the color of spring

 And green can be cool and friendly-like

 And green can be big like a mountain

 Or important like a river

 Or tall like a tree


Today, Kermit would be singing a completely different tune. In the 21st century, green is all about sustainability and rejuvenation. It’s EASY being green! It also helps the planet in numerous ways. According to Earth911.com, here are four amazing facts about recycling:

1)    One aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for two hours.

2)    One glass bottle can power a computer for 30 minutes.

3)    One ton of mixed paper can save the energy = to 185 gallons of gasoline.

4)    Recycling in the United States saves the carbon equivalent of removing 36 million cars from the road.

My company has always done its part to help make our world a more sustainable place to live. We recycle everything from newspapers to bottles and plastic containers. This month, with some guidance from Staples, we decided to be even more proactive about recycling. We’re now buying more recycled products for our business and encouraging other companies to do the same. The company has a product line called Sustainable Earth by Staples which includes: calculators, staplers, 3-tab file folders, 5-tab file folders, envelopes, notebooks (my favorite) and, of course, paper! In my conversations with store managers, I learned two important facts about the Sustainable Earth by Staples line of products:

1)    The Sustainable Earth by Staples notebooks and paper are made from sugarcane by-products, which means fewer trees are cut down, and a rapidly renewable resource is maximized.

2)    The Sustainable Earth by Staples calculator cases and buttons as well as the body of their staplers are made from 100% recycled ink and toner cartridges, which help reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Making the decision to buy recycled products is a no-brainer. It goes hand-in-hand with our recycling program and allows our business to lead by example. Here are some other tips for being an eco-friendly business:

1)    If you’re printing draft copies, use both sides of the paper.

2)    Turn out lights when you leave a room (it sounds simple enough, but see how often it happens)

3)    Recycle used computers, printers and other electronics.

4)    Consider allowing employees to work remotely (even one day/week).

5)    Click here to get even more tips on energy efficiency from the SBA.

One last tip is to check out the Sustainable Earth by Staples products at your local Staples store. My favorites are the copy paper and the notebooks. Let me know your thoughts about their products and send me any your best energy efficiency tips. Connect with me on Twitter (@BrianMoran is my handle). Thanks, in advance, for making our planet a greener one.

About Brian Moran

Prior to rejoining the world of entrepreneurship, Brian was the Executive Director of Sales Development at the Wall Street Journal where he oversaw the sales development and marketing programs for the financial and small business categories among the many Journal brands. From 2002-2010, Brian was President of Veracle Media and Moran Media Group.

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