Ramping Up for the Holidays

By on December 4, 2015

This is part two of my series with Staples and how they help small businesses do #MoreThisHoliday season. For this series, I’m teaming up with the local catering company, The Catch-y Caterer, as the owner launches her first retail store. With the help of Staples, we will showcase how small businesses can rely on Staples this holiday season – for not only tech and office supply needs, but also for printing holiday menus or finding restaurant service supplies. Follow along with me this holiday season! 

Brian: Let’s bring my readers up to speed on how things are going with the Catch-y Caterer. Your catering business is booming, your Mom’s Night Off! concept (prepared meals that Moms can pick up directly from you on Thursday nights) is a big hit, and now you are launching a retail business on December 1st—because you’re not busy enough?

Erin: (Laughs) I am truly a glutton for entrepreneurial punishment! Yes, all of those things are true and we couldn’t be more excited about launching catchy. our retail location.

Brian: Today we are heading to Staples on Route 17 in Paramus, NJ to pick out office supplies, a computer, printer along with other items for your store. You also want to print and laminate 20-30 menus for the store as well as 1,000 menus to use as flyers for local stores and a mailing campaign. Am I missing anything?

Erin: That should get us through the first month! Seriously, Staples is such a great store for me and my business. I am thrilled that you can go with me and tell me what I’m missing or if I need to do things differently. I know catering, cooking and getting my team organized and focused on delivering an outstanding experience for our customers and clients. I need some help with the latest and greatest technology out there and how I can run my business better and more effectively.

We drive to Staples and are welcomed by Luis and Orlando who help us pick out our list of items. We start in the computer and printer area.

Brian: Luis is recommending the iPad Air 2 with Microsoft Office 365 and the HP Color Laser Jet MFP M477 printer for your retail location. You can run the business from your iPad and print wirelessly while on-the-go. You should also consider the Staples Easy Tech Total Solutions program which covers your computer and printer for two years. What do you think?

Staples EC - 3

Erin: This is going to make running my business a LOT easier! I love having all my technology connected. I need to be able to write up a contract, print it wirelessly, have my staff put the order together and get it out to our customers. I’m also a big fan of Apple and HP; they are two solid brands and I feel like I can count on them to come through for me.

Staples EC - 4

Brian: Fantastic! We can check off the hardware portion of our trip today. Next up, let’s make our way over to the Staples Copy & Print department to select menus, flyers, business cards and whatever else we might need to help you launch catchy.

In part three of my series of small business blog posts for Staples, Erin and I will look at how Staples can help her business do #MoreThisHoliday in the printing and copying area.

This post is sponsored by Staples.

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