Quill Brings the Force to Your Copy Paper

By on January 27, 2017

For most business owners, copy paper is copy paper. It is an everyday necessity that small businesses don’t think twice about when purchasing because it is viewed as the same product across the board.  Yet Quill.com, an online office products marketplace for small and midsize companies, is making copy paper a bit more exciting and unique for your small business by bringing you Star Wars wrapped copy paper.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, and have seen all the movies, I can probably stop right here. The rest of you might be thinking, “How is this going to make my office FUN? It’s still paper.” Quill.com’s Star Wars wrapped copy paper comes in a reusable carton, wrapped in a Star Wars themed graphic that can be transformed into a wall poster, storage unit or filing system to add some life to your printing and/or office space. One of my favorite ways to make the office fun again is to put a makeover into place. Bright colors, green plants and wall graphics can inject positive energy in an otherwise drab workspace. These cartons are affordable, relevant, and nostalgic pieces that you can hang on your office walls to liven it up.

In each box there are 10 reams of 20lb; 92 bright white paper (5,000 total sheets). The reams are also individually wrapped in one of two unique designs featuring characters and scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

As a business owner, I find the innovation behind Quill.com’s collaboration with Star Wars a great marketing technique to capitalize on the recent news and release of the newest Star Wars movie. The partnership between the two brands allows Quill to market a plain product as something that is popular in today’s society and can act as a topic for employee conversation. Star Wars has been around since 1977 so the assumption that every office has a Star Wars fan that will LOVE this product is probably an accurate one.

Paul Bessinger, Quill.com’s Director of Product Innovation, is excited to bring his Star Wars-themed copy paper to home offices and businesses.

“Every home or office has a Star Wars enthusiast; this is the perfect purchase to surprise your favorite fan.”

Not only is this paper carton fun and innovative for your home or office, but the reusable box works well as wall art for a home office, playroom, or children’s bedroom.

Quill is offering a special introductory sale price of $39.99 per carton. You can check out the copy paper and other special offers from Quill for small and midsize companies at www.quill.com/starwars.


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