#PEXCardchat Quick Stats: How SmallBiz Can Effectively Use the Cloud

By on April 25, 2013
OneQube Dashboard Summary

While the team is busy writing a summary of tonight’s successful #PEXCardcat, here are some quick stats, provided by OneQube.

Questions Summary

Q1: How does the ‪#cloud‬ work for business owners today?

Q2: What are the biggest hurdles in becoming a cloud-based business?

Q3: We’ve talked about some of this already, but what are the biggest benefits of the cloud?

Q4: Is moving to the cloud a time consuming process?

Q5: How reliable is the cloud? Is the host company backing up my critical information?

Q6: Is my information “safer” in the cloud from hackers than it is on my own computer?

Q7: Would you recommend testing different cloud services? What criteria should be used to evaluate them?

Q8: Should business owners also store critical data on a separate backup or is that not necessary?

Q9: Any other tips or advice you can share with small businesses on moving to the cloud?

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OneQube Dashboard Summary


#pexcardchat OneQube Summary 2

 Click on the images to see the report “live”.  OneQube is in beta so give it a few extra seconds to crunch its numbers!

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