Happy Independence Day

By on July 2, 2014

This year America celebrates the 238th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a leap our founding fathers took to start this great country. Our thanks should be given to them for establishing the liberties that many of us take for granted today. They showed strength in numbers and steadfast determination for attempting a revolution unlike anything that had ever occurred before.

The text of 1776’s Declaration of Independence continues to be well revered. I find it remarkable that the document is still referenced and applicable to society in 2014. The principles set forth served as the foundation for building the framework of our country, based around We, the people (to quote another historic manuscript).

The founding fathers set the premise for “certain unalienable Rights.” Among them were “Life, Liberty , and the pursuit of Happiness.” As Americans living in the 21st century, we should consider ourselves fortunate that, regardless of our political opinions, sexual orientation, or our religious beliefs, we have freedoms not found in many other countries. Additionally, we can pursue our dreams in an occupational field that we find both financially and emotionally rewarding.

The Declaration of Independence concluded with this statement: “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” The founding fathers did not work alone, but instead supported each other and worked together.

My advice to you: capitalize on what you are good at and surround yourself with other people that can bring something new and different to the table. It’s all about teamwork. On this Day of Independence, I urge you to think of our forefathers’ willingness to take risks, and don’t be afraid to take a few of your own. Do what makes you happy. Act on plans to grow or expand your business. Take advantage of the small business assistance programs that our free country provides you, and start going after your dreams.

But first, take a moment to thank the brave men and women who, 238 years ago, laid the foundation for our United States of America. Then, thank the brave men and women today who continue to keep our country safe and free.

God Bless America.

Brian Moran


Photo Credit: Roger Sayles, Flickr Creative License

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Prior to rejoining the world of entrepreneurship, Brian was the Executive Director of Sales Development at the Wall Street Journal where he oversaw the sales development and marketing programs for the financial and small business categories among the many Journal brands. From 2002-2010, Brian was President of Veracle Media and Moran Media Group.

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