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By on December 9, 2015

This is part three of my series with Staples and how they help small businesses do #MoreThisHoliday season. For this series, I’m teaming up with the local catering company, The Catch-y Caterer, as the owner launches her first retail store. With the help of Staples, we will showcase how small businesses can rely on Staples this holiday season – for not only tech and office supply needs, but also for printing holiday menus or finding restaurant service supplies. Follow along with me this holiday season! 

Brian: We are at Staples on Route 17 in Paramus, NJ to print and laminate 20-30 menus for your new retail store as well as print 1,000 menus to use as flyers for local stores and a mailing campaign. We are a little less than one week from your grand opening. How is everything going with your plans?

Erin: It’s both exciting and torment! I have to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in one day, and that I need to build a contingency plan into my regular plan.

Brian: What’s not going according to plan?

Erin: You mean other than everything? I say that only half-joking. Everything costs more than expected; takes twice as long to do, and never seems to go smoothly. That said, I am still in love with the concept of opening my very own store. Nothing is going to prevent me from making my dream a reality.

Brian: What about the marketing plans? Is that going according to plan?

Erin: Absolutely! Thank goodness for that. I got James from Staples to help me make sure my menus printed in the American typewriter font and the flyers look fantastic. We created a solid list of menu items to open up the store and the presentation is perfect; it’s one less thing I need to worry about…so THANKS Staples!




Brian: What have been your biggest takeaways from opening a retail location and expanding your business?

Erin: One person cannot do it alone. Finding the right team, the right partners, and the right service professionals is critical if you want to be successful from the start. I am truly blessed to have a fantastic chef/mentor as well as a solid team in the store working with me. My accountant, plumber, carpenter and lawyer have also helped me tremendously by understanding how important opening this location is to me. Lastly, partners such as Staples have really come through for me. I feel like I’ve known Orlando, James and Luis (Staples employees) for YEARS! They are part of my team now.

Brian: It probably has to do with your amazingly energetic personality. I think people are either drawn to it…or they are afraid to say “no” to you!

Erin: Thank you (I think), but I am the one who is drawn to anyone who wants to help me succeed. I want to make sure they share in our company’s success and know how important they are in my company.

Brian: Well said! In part four of my series of small business blog posts for Staples, I will be writing from catchy. on their opening day.  Thanks again to Staples for helping Erin’s business do #MoreThisHoliday.

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